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Gravity Wheat Tekloom® Swatch

Gravity Wheat Tekloom® Swatch

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Innovative Performance
Innovative, durable, and environmentally friendly captures the essence of these distinctive fabrics. Gravity introduces a new “hybrid” textile category to the industry. Woven fabrics are chemically bonded with a Graffiti-Free® TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) surface, using a technology new to the market known as “Tekloom.” The result is a high-performance fabric with the look and hand of a woven textile.

Gravity features a natural linen look in an elegant and refined piece-dyed quality. Colors inspired by nature are subtly blended because of the TPE fusing process. The palette is versatile, ranging from reflective metallic hues to soft colors of the ocean. Gravity’s classic design and heavy-duty performance characteristics make it perfect for upholstery applications in all commercial settings.

• Tekloom® Fabrics
• WRITE AWAY® - Soil, Stain, and Ink Resistant Topcoat
• Graffiti-Free® Tekloom® TPE
• 1 Million Double Rubs
• Environmentally Friendly¬¬
• Bleach Cleanable
• Special Order Textile