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Frequently Asked Questions

Seating Inc. has been building high quality commercial grade seating products since 1989. We seat workers in Local, State and Federal government, Hospitals, and Universities across the country, commercial offices of all shapes and sizes, and NOW individuals who seek a comfortable American made, Contract quality working chair made to fit their specific requirements and style of their home office.

As our name suggests, Seating Inc. specializes in seating people of all shapes and sizes doing all types of work. We have selected the best ergonomic chairs from our vast line of seating products to provide a straight line to a comfortable seat for any office.




Premium Chairs

For the experienced production crew at our factory, quality is a lot more than a world.  It’s the only way - and it never takes a backseat to the bottom line.  We’ve been making comfortable, good looking chairs for decades.  It starts with genuine, hands on craftsmanship where both style and materials are tested and trusted, right down the production line, all the way to the satisfied customer (you!). And it’s been that way for decades. Your seat is safe with us.

A Chair Built just for YOU

Your chair goes into production AFTER you click 'buy' because it is made just for YOU! Choose the model and upholstery textiles you like and add the style and ergonomic options that make sense for you.  Feel the difference in comfort and quality between an “off the shelf” imported seat and a semi-custom American made-to-order chair.


Sustainable Seating

As the importance of a healthy workplace and a clean global environment has grown, so has Seating Inc.’s commitment to sustainable manufacturing. Seating Inc. products are third party level® certified to conform to the ANSI/BIFMA e3-2014 Furniture Sustainability Standard. To learn more about the level® program, visit www.levelcertified.org.

Attentive Customer Service

Making chairs for work has been our specialty for over 30 years and our priority is building chairs for a long lasting and comfortable “sit”.  Let us help you understand how - and why - the features and options we offer will improve your workplace.  It is our pleasure to help you make the best decision when you invest in a work chair that you are selecting for yourself or your work force. If you have questions, we have answers - and we would live to connect with you.  More than anything we want you to love your chair.

Our knowledgeable customer service reps are friendly, transparent and ready to talk or answer emails. However, we are real people, working real factory hours, so please contact us using the most convenient method for you and we will respond, in person, during Factory Hours.

Monday -Thursday 8:00 am - 4pm (EST)

Fridays from 8 :00 am – 2:30 pm (EST)

Phone: 585.468.2875

Email: shop@seatinginc.com



What model do I choose?

Grid Square and Voyager are best sellers that we selected from our complete product line to present to end users working from home.  Both are made right here in the USA and are built-to-order by a team of American workers who have been perfecting this craft for over 30 years. Both are backed by a lifetime warranty. You work hard and are in your seat for long hours every workday.  Don’t you deserve a high quality, made-to-order chair that not only fits you and the work you do, but also looks beautiful in your home?



Cool style meets ergonomic functionality in this mesh back work horse.  Redefine your home office experience with Grid Square, a seating solution designed precisely to fit your comfort and style.  Grid square has endless opportunities to customize, including options for a headrest, memory foam, casters, cylinder height, base color and arm treatment option, tension control, height adjustment, adjustable seat depth and vertical and horizontal lumbar adjustment. It’s time to redefine your home office experience with Seating Inc.’s best selling line, Grid Square. Let’s make your workspace work for you.


Exceed your high standard for design.  Voyager is a centerpiece of any workspace, embodying refined style and attention to detail.  Sleek design and careful engineering are Voyager’s key features which include stylish lines, chrome-plate details, a peek-a-boo back and beautifully handcrafted upholstery.  Stability meets comfort in this sleek vessel for taking on every task at hand. Standard features include a layer of Kulkote Copper regulating temperature foam for optimal comfort, adjustable seat depth, polished aluminum base, and frame color options in black and white. You shouldn’t have to compromise when it comes to style.  Find your new look with Voyager.


How do I select a textile?


One of the best things about ordering a Seating Inc. chair is choosing an upholstery textile. Your perfect chair’s upholstery should meet your personal comfort and performance needs - and your ‘designer’ expectations.  We encourage you to request free textile swatches before you place your chair order, so that you can be sure that the textile you see on the screen is exactly what you want.

Before you make your final chair selection, order up to five Mayer Fabrics memo samples for your “hands on” appraisal of the color, look and “feel” of your favorite patterns here.


Why does the textile I choose matter?

Choosing between fabric, faux leather or high-performance Tekloom®? There is an important relationship between chairs and textiles that you may not have considered before! Upholstery textiles impact the “look”, “feel”, “sit”, and performance of your chair.  More than just color alone, textile features such as texture, moisture and stain resistance, and cleanability should also be considered when you’re shopping for a chair that’s just for you.

Learn more about all of the textile choices by checking out this great article on the importance of choosing the right textile for your custom built chair.


What is Crypton?

Stay Clean Technology

Keep your custom desk chair looking new for longer, and protect your investment with this popular category of woven fabric that is designed to last through “life’s predictably unpredictable moments.” Crypton finish is designed to allow your life to go on (through the messes and mishaps) while keeping your furniture investments safe. Beneficial properties include moisture barrier, stain and odor resistance, and Crypton textiles are easy to clean.

There are many beautiful Crypton choices. To view some choices check out patterns Abbey, Cosmopolitan, Form, Tattersall and Fretwork.


What is Tekloom?

Latest Greatest Technology - Tekloom is a new hybrid category of woven fabrics chemically bonded with a TPE surface. These are technically woven but have a unique feel – almost like a silicone. These are highly durable, antibacterial, ink and stain resistant textiles that will last well throughout the years. To see this innovative textile, check out patterns Gravity and Relativity.


How accurate are the colors on the site?

Textile colors  shown on your screen are a good preview, but since every computer monitor is different, the actual brightness, color and scale of the pattern of the textile you choose may be a little different than what you see online. 

We want you to be delighted by the appearance and texture of the upholstery on the custom desk chair that we build for you and HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU ORDER A SAMPLE TEXTILE before you place your order. To order up to 5 memo samples, go here.





What is Kulkote Copper Technology?


Kulkote absorbs and releases heat energy to maintain optimal temperature for a great seating experience.  It keeps the temperature more consistent than regular fabric or foam. Copper is an excellent thermal conductor that rapidly transfers heat away from the body. Additionally, Copper is antimicrobial and is thought to promote health and wellness.  It's breathable, nontoxic, and environmentally friendly.

KulKote is a Temperature Regulating Technology. It's a proprietary coating consisting of water based polymers and Phase Change Materials (PCM). KulKote works by using multiple Phase Change Materials (PCMs) that activate at a variety of temperatures and water-based polymers that have temperature regulating characteristics. As body heat comes in contact with KulKote, the PCMs begin absorbing and releasing energy based on their specific melting points. As the PCMs absorb heat, a cooling effect is created. As the heat source is removed, the heat energy is released. This continuous cycle manages temperature to increase comfort for the life of the product.

Why would I want Kulkote Copper technology?

Do you ever feel too hot or too cold in your chair?  By having our technology as part of the chair you’ll feel a steady comfortable temperature all day long.

Are you concerned about bacteria in your chair?  This product contains natural copper particles that prohibit bacteria from forming and is antimicrobial.

Do you know about the health and wellness benefits of copper? Now your chair can contribute to these benefits as well.





Why would I want to upgrade to a Memory foam Seat?

Memory foam is the highest density seat available.  Its energy absorbing formula alleviates pressure and provides tremendous support for the lifetime of the seat.

Why is my memory foam seat hard?

Cold memory foam is hard. It may take up to 24 hours at room temperature to fully experience the comfort and benefits of memory foam.

New Memory foam is quite firm, and will naturally soften over time.  So keep sitting in it and allow it to get better with age.





What type of casters should I choose?

The type of floor your chair will sit on has a large impact on what type of casters you should order.

  • Standard Carpet casters = ideal for carpeted floors
  • Hard Floor Casters = ideal for smooth hard floors
  • All Purpose casters = ideal for cement or uneven floor surfaces





    What do I need to know about arms?

    You have a choice.  Arm treatments provide ergonomic arm support and comfort, but “no arms” is a great option for those who don’t need or want them and for people who want a wider seat base or prefer to sit cross legged.   Or your Grid Square chair with or without height and width adjustable arms.




    If your Business needs seating, you have come to the right place! Our family-owned manufacturing operation has been seating people in the contract marketplace for more than 30 years. Now, we are here for you too!

    Whether you are a small, medium or large business, or have a work force made up of people of varying sizes, preferences and needs, our complete selection of built-to- order ergonomic task and swivel chairs, side, stacking and nesting chairs can be customized to fit your needs.

    Special environments or applications? We’ve got chairs for that too. 24/7 chairs, drafting stools, ESD chairs and more. All built to your order by the experienced production crew at our factory in Western New York using quality components - that we make ourselves or purchase from trusted long time suppliers -and backed by a lifetime warranty.

    How do I get started? Cruise some of our chair styles by visiting www.seatinginc.com. Reach out to our sales team by email at sales@seatinginc.com or by phone at 1 (800) 468 2475 and let us know you’re interested in our concierge B2B service.


    Are there additional discounts for larger orders?

    Yes volume discounts are available.


    Have you worked with other Businesses?

    Yes, at Seating Inc. we have been building commercial chairs for three generations. Our Woman Owned, Small Family Business has extensive experience supplying chairs to Federal, State and Municipal government and small, medium and large businesses across the USA.






    We offer a variety of payment options for our Seating Inc. chairs!

    We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, ShopPay, and Venmo.         


    When will I be charged?

    Your credit card will be charged when you place your order. 


    Can I cancel or change my order?

    The textile you choose will be ordered and your chair will be put into the production process the day after you place your order. CUT TEXTILES ARE NOT REFUNDABLE, so once your order has been sent through to the factory, we cannot accept cancellations or changes without a fee. Written cancellations, received prior to 11:59 pm on the first business day following receipt of your order, will be accepted for a full refund. 

    Below are the cancelation fees:

    Price Level















    Not confident about what textile to order?  Be sure to order some free textile samples before placing your order. We want you to be delighted by the appearance and texture of the upholstery on the custom desk chair that we build for you and HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU ORDER A SAMPLE TEXTILE before you place your order. To order up to 5 memo samples, go here.






    What is the cost of shipping?

    All chairs are shipped freight free to the 48 contiguous states.


    Shipping times?

    Chairs will be built and shipped within 3 weeks of order placement.


    Do you Deliver outside the US?

    No.  We currently deliver only to the 48 contiguous states.


    How do I track my order?

    You can track your order by looking on “my account” on shop.seatinginc.com, or you can always drop us a line:

    Phone: 585.468.2875

    Email: shop@seatinginc.com




    Can I return my chair?

    Seating Inc. chairs are built to order. If your chair does not meet your expectations, you may return it unused, and repacked in the original shipping carton, within 15 days of the ship date.

    If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason contact us:

    email: shop@seatinginc.com

    phone: 800-468-2475


    We will respond, in person, during Factory Hours

    Monday through Thursday 8:00 am-4pm (EST)

    Fridays from 8 am – 2:30  pm (EST).


    Important things to know!

    1. Keep your packaging

    Chairs must be returned in original packaging, along with original packaging materials. (If you don’t have your original packaging, there will be an additional charge for sending out a new box and packaging materials)

    1. Return authorization # Contact shop@seatinginc.com for an authorization # for your return. No returns will be accepted without a return authorization #.

    We will:

    • Ask you for your Order #
    • Send you a Return Authorization Email with a return authorization # and important instructions for return shipping
    • Arrange for the carton to be picked up by a small package carrier such as UPS or FedEx
    • Inspect your chair when we receive it
    • Issue a refund through your original form of payment.

    You should know:

    O IMPORTANT – Customer must save original packaging to be eligible to use this return policy. If no longer in possession of the packaging materials, extra charges may apply.

    • A return authorization # is required.  Chairs returned without a return authorization # are not eligible for a refund
    • Return requests must be received by Seating Inc. within 15 days of the ship date
    • Returns are limited to 1 return per purchaser.  Please purchase one chair to sample before buying a larger quantity.


    Is there a charge for returns?

    Following inspection, we will refund the full amount of the chair less:

    Price Level
















    What if my item is broken or lost during delivery?

    Your chair has been carefully packaged to ensure that it arrives in excellent condition,  but we cannot control every event that may take place in transit. In the event of apparent or  “hidden damage” (i.e. the carton is in good condition) buyers should contact Seating Inc. immediately, no later than 2 business days after delivery.

    If the carton has been damaged, please take pictures before you open the carton. All damaged chairs should be left in the original shipping container, in the same condition it was in when the loss or damage was discovered, until you receive further instructions from Seating Inc.

    If your order is lost, please contact us for help during Factory Hours

       Monday through Thursday:   8:00 am-4pm (EST)

       Fridays:                          8:00 am–2:30pm (EST)








    We'll always be here for you, because  we're not happy until you love your chair as much as we loved making it for you.  Our lifetime warranty means that we build your chair to look and feel great for a lifetime.

    Seating Inc. warrants to the original end user that this product will be free from defects in its material and workmanship, subject to limitations as expressed below. The company will repair or replace any defective part free of charge during the following warranty periods. Please note that our warranty covers parts not labor.

    Coverage Period: Lifetime (which is the entire time owned by the original end user)

    • Limitations:  Users weight is not to exceed 300 lbs.
    • Normal use of 8 hour workday with a 5 day work week
    •     Textiles and arm pad warranties are 5 years



    Service Requests:

    We are here to assist you with service requests for warranty claims.

    Essential information we need to assist with warranty claims is on the tag underneath your chair’s seat. Removal of this tag may void your warranty, so please do not remove this tag.

    To initiate a service request begin by snapping a clear and legible photo of the tag underneath your chair’s seat. At the same time take pictures of the issue you are having. Once you have your pictures, send an email to production@seatinginc.com with the subject title ‘service request’. In the body of your email, explain in detail the issues you are having so we can address them quickly and directly. Attach the clear pictures of your chair tag and your issue. The more information you give in your service request the better.

    Include your ship-to information in your request so we know where to send your replacement parts.

    You will hear back from our team during normal business hours and if replacement parts are needed, we will ship them out and provide instructions to get you back up and running.

    To summarize:

    Info you need to include in your service request:

    • Legible picture of chair tag underneath your seat
    • Description and photo of the issue
    • Ship to information

    Where you send service request to: Email your service request to production@seatinginc.com with the subject title ‘service request’




    How do I care for my chair after I receive it?

    You’ve invested in a commercial quality ergonomic office chair that you love and expect to last a lifetime. But…..what if I spill something? How do I keep my chair looking this good forever?

    Here is your simple guide to keeping your chair looking its best!

    How to create the perfect chair

    Choose your chair
    Choose your textile
    Choose your options
    Enjoy your chair

    Incredible Brands that Trust Us!

    Free Samples of Textile Swatches

    Find the perfect chair for you