Custom desk chairs.
Delivered to your door.

Our high end desk chairs have been gaining fans in the industrial market for over 30 years. Now for the first time you can buy too! It’s simple to get the custom chair you want - Comfort, functionality and dependability come standard. All that’s left to do is explore and select the options that are perfect for you.

Built to Order in USA

What if you had the power to make a refreshing, inspiring decision about where you sit? Well step away from your co-opted dining room or patio chair and get ready to find something more... you. Your chair will be built just for you by the most dedicated chair building crew in the country. Your seat is safe with us.

Made in the USA
Kulkote Copper Temperature Regulation
Lifetime Warranty
Over 150 Textile Options
Made in the USA
Kulkote Copper Temperature Regulation
Lifetime Warranty
Over 150 Textile Options

How to create the perfect chair

Choose your textile
Choose your options
Enjoy your chair

Every seat has a story.

Yours starts with our hands-on, made in America craftsmanship where both style and materials are tested and trusted, right down our production line, right to you. For us quality isn’t just a word, it’s the only way and it's our promise to you that it never takes a backseat to the bottom line. That’s why your seat is safe with us and it’s been that way for more than 30 years.